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Silent Nights is a horror game in the genre of "Walking Simulator", "Drama" and "Psychological Horror".


Appreciate the ones you love, even if there is something about them that annoys you. Because one day you may start missing the very thing that  angers you now.

After talking to his grandmother on the phone, Thomas realizes that his grandmother is still very sad about the death of her husband. After quickly packing his things, Thomas travels to the countryside, to the house where he often spent weekends as a child to help his grandmother cope with the death of his grandfather.

The average playtime of the game is 30-50 minutes.

The game features:

- Realistic graphics.

- A touching story delivered through notes and character reminiscence.

- Screamers and overall creepiness.

- Unreal Engine 5.

p.s. This is my first game ever created! Sooo... I hope you enjoy! ;)

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Free version of this game available for a limited time.

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
Made withUnreal Engine
TagsAtmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Ghosts, Horror, Psychological Horror, Short, Singleplayer, Story Rich, Survival Horror
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, Russian
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSteam, Steam, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, VK


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

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i cant seem to open the main door even though i have the key

love the game it was so good keep up the good work man

Un excellent jeu qu'il faut essayer.



Such a great game, keep it up.


Thank you so much!

Beautiful game !! Shame it just ran crappy on my computer. Still I enjoyed it ! 

damn a cool game like it

I need answers !!! What is the deal with the nun ?? 

Really great graphics, good story and VERY scary! Well done!

Thanks 🙃

Awesome game, Thanks!!

Thank you! 🙃

for a first game ever made, you did a great job! I definitely got scared by every jump scare LOL

Heheh... Thank you!

Hi i get this message when i try to install the game 

this title is hosted on an incompatible third party website? 

Couldn't believe this game was for free! Shout out to JustTomcuk! the graphics of this game were unbelievable and the plot was actually had some depth. Overall TUFFF horror game.

Here's my Gameplay:

Thank you so much! 

Np fam

I was able to get this game for free (Still donated) and I streamed it live on Twitch.  So much fun and the jumpscares were very very good.  Highly recommend this game along with others from Emika Games.  Great job.

Thank you so much! Im glad that you enjoyed the game! 😉

I found this game when I saw Emika Games tweet about it.  I love their games so I decided to give it a shot and I was not disappointed!


Thank you so much!

You're welcome!  Keep up the great work!

A pretty good game with surprisingly good graphic, looking forward for your next game! here's my indonesian gameplay

Thank you so much!

some of the best jumpscares ive ever gotten!!

Thank you, man 🙃

is there any way i could get the game i don't have paypal wanted it while on discount

Hello. Only Steam, sorry i cant attach other payment system here on Itch, except of paypal.

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is there any info for the steam discount? im not allowed to spend much money cuz on steam it was $3 here and in my country it's like around 4 days food money


Okay, brah. I will make this game free for everyone for a few days, i think.


good game n great job on ur 1st game

Thank you so much!

Silent Nights is a touching story of a grandmother grieving the loss of her beloved one, mixed with a few scares. Considering that it's the developer's first game, it was well made and a short horror experience worth a try. I completed the game in about half an hour. Keep up the good work and looking forward to trying your next game!

Thank you so much! I'm glad that you enjoyed! ❤️


For being your first game, this was really well made. Took about an hour to complete but I loved every second of it, sound design, scares, tasks, etc. And tbh horror engine is not bad especially for this being your first project. Made a video on it.

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Thank you so much! I'm glad that you enjoyed! 🤠😉


This game takes an emotional turn that I appreciate but I do wish it would have had a bit more of a personal touch and made without the use of horror engine. It's hard to take something emotional seriously when it looks and behaves like every other horror engine game. 

Not bad though. Thanks for making games!

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That was my first game ever made, so horror engine a good helper. Btw, thanks for playing 😉


Very cool!

Thank you!

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I came back because it's worth it and it's not wasted time to post this.

It really is a very well accomplished product, I'm not going to lie to you, I did some jump scares.

Again excellent work!

Thank you so much DiToro. Appreciate that!

Won't download can i get it for steam instead

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Hello! Ofcourse you can!

Hi there, in this moment the game can't be downloaded.
Let me know when is solved.

Hello! Try now, if its not fixed, im gonna upload the game on the other server today. 

It is not working yet, I will wait for news.

By the way, I saw a video and it is an excellent job!

Well done!

Thank you so much! I'm appreciate that! 

Btw, I can click on the link and it start to download without any issues ;(

Deleted 1 year ago

The new link works. By the way, I buy it in Steam too.

Ohh, thank you so much! Appreciate that!

And thank you for your donation!


Thanks for having the game for free! I'm excited to play it and will update the comment with my gameplay if I make one. 


Hello Britt. I hope you enjoy my first project 😉

não consigo comer, não sei o que tem que fazer e não consigo avançar no jogo

In the 3 chapter. You need to put something in the basket and then follow the light. No spoilers. I will fix that tomorrow for more understandable.


Thank you for this chance to play the game for free.
As a heads up, I got a download block by Google's download limit. i had to log in into my Google account to bypass this.

Thank you for playing! I hope you enjoy! 

obrigado por dar oportunidade da gente jogar de graça amigo. O Dólar aqui no Brasil está uma paulada no rabo!

Obrigado por conferir! Espero que tenha gostado do jogo!